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Packages for Arch Linux

Some of the packages I have written or contributed to have been added to the Arch User Overlay (AUR) for installation in Arch Linux:

astroTools Command-line tools for astronomy and astrophysics (more)
GWtool A set of simple tools for working with gravitational waves (more)
libSUFR A library containing Some Useful Fortran Routines (more)
libTheSky Fortran library to compute positions of celestial bodies (more)
rochePlot Plot the key stages in the evolution of a binary star (more)

Packages from AUR cannot be installed by Pacman. They can be installed by hand, but there are tools that allow you to install AUR packages readily, like Yaourt. You'll have to install Yaourt manually first. Yaourt can have nice colours.

Wireless templates for Arch Linux

Here are two templates that are supposed to make life easier when setting up wireless networking on Arch Linux using wpa_supplicant.
network-wireless@wlan0.service Template for the systemd wireless networking service
network-wireless-wlan0 Template for a static IP address

These templates can be downloaded using
	    wget  -O  /etc/systemd/system/network-wireless@<wlan0>.service
	    wget          -O  /etc/conf.d/network-wireless-<wlan0>
where <wlan0> is the name of your wireless adapter (as can be found by the command ip link).

After downloading, make sure you adapt these files for your system:
  • network-wireless@wlan0.service: uncomment either the DHCP or the static-IP block, and check the wpa_supplicant line
  • network-wireless-wlan0: set the correct addresses for your network
The second template is only needed when a static IP address is used in the first template (rather than DHCP).

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